Our dream:
a better planet.


Innovation always combined with sustainability, fundamental elements of competitiveness.

Green choices to support the planet. 3R: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.
A commitment that translates into best practices with the aim of ensuring maximum added value with minimum use of resources, striving for maximum optimization through smart and integrated choices.




We invest in reforestation.

We offer an eco-sustainable work environment (energy-efficient and/or zero-impact offices with extensive green space).

We use clean energy from LifeGate, exclusively Made in Italy, GSE-certified and produced from renewable sources.

All our office supplies are certified by FSC, Energy Star, Fairtrade, ISO, EMAS, OHSAS, SOA, SA, ICEA and Demeter.

We drive hybrid cars, to meet you wherever you are, lowering CO2 emissions.

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